Ignite your senses. Discover our 100% sustainably grown Arabica single origin coffee, which offers a highly satisfactory flavor alongside a consistently rich aroma. The balanced flavor which is both rich and mellow ensures that Phukha Original redefines coffee by offering a pure and unparalleled sensory experience, and after all, coffee is more than indulging in great taste, it is a combination of alchemy and art.

What goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee? The correct temperature, and optimum altitude alongside ample rainfall and quality soil, certainly create the foundation for cultivating superior beans. There is such a region in Northern Thailand, located about 1,000 meters above sea level, with ideal growing conditions, and this is where Phukha coffee beans are born.

Our thorough selection and production process, with the support of farmers who are passionate about what they grow, select only the best beans from each harvest and air roast them for even roasting and consummate flavor. We also follow a standard-setting approach towards responsible coffee management. This is what goes into Phukha coffee to provide the perfect beans for the perfect cup. Enjoy your Phukha coffee

The Taste of Thailand in Every Cup

Signature PhuKha Coffee

For the connoisseur, tasting a truly superior coffee for the very first time is not just about flavor, it is a total experience which energizes the senses, a moment to be savored, a  time to indulge, a moment not to be forgotten. Welcome then to Phukha Signature, a single origin Arabica coffee of the highest quality, all the way from Thailand. Offering an aroma that heightens the anticipation of the pleasure yet to come, and a balanced flavor which is both rich and bold, Phukha Signature is the perfect partner when relaxation is the order of the day.

There are few regions in the world where optimum conditions exist, allowing superior coffee to grow. An optimum climate is necessary, moderated by altitude, to lengthen the ripening season. Ample rains falling onto fertile soils complete the process, and this is where Phukha coffee beans are born.

Cultivating excellent coffee beans is only part of the overall process. To this we add uncompromising dedication to the processes involved, to ensure Phukha Signature delivers. Only the finest beans are selected. They are uniform in size to ensure even roasting, and are roasted a little longer to ensure a flavor which is pleasantly smooth and strong. Enjoy Phukha Signature today



Indulge yourself in the distinctive taste of PhuKha Peaberry 100% Arabica coffee from Northern Thailand. This rare single origin bean represents only 5% of coffee production, and its delightful flavor is smooth and refined, characterized by intense aroma and complimented by a lingering finish; it is a coffee lover’s dream.

What makes a peaberry so unique? Typically, the coffee cherry contains two beans. Occasionally however, only one seed is fertilized creating a single rounder bean, called a peaberry. Peaberry coffee is admired for its superior taste and acidity. The result is a fusion of aroma and intensely concentrated flavor. Beans are meticulously selected and processed to ensure only the best are chosen from the harvest.  Patience and dedication create the foundations of the exquisite PhuKha Peaberry taste.

The perfect cup of coffee arises from ideal growing conditions. A region in Northern Thailand offers ample rainfall, rich soil, elevation of approximately 1000 meters above sea-level and moderate temperatures.  Great care and time is taken to separate the peaberry from the harvest. The distinctive circular shape of this bean lends itself to even roasting, which translates into a delicious, rich and satisfying flavor. During brewing the enticing aroma seduces, permeating the air and creating a delightful sensory escape.  Surrender yourself to the PhuKha experience today.