Learning Centre

Learning Centre
Giving back to the community forms the foundation of our business vision and values. Our Learning Centre was launched with the aim of achieving a sustainable and better coffee farming system. Empowering coffee growers with the knowledge and tools to build a successful agricultural enterprise is one of the most rewarding undertakings we’ve pursued, and gives continuous benefits to all communities we work with. Our center is open to anyone seeking the skills and techniques to become a successful farmer.

Imparting Knowledge 
Innovation and excellence form the core of our Learning Centre. Our primary objective is to provide awareness about coffee propagation. The agenda includes lectures and practical applications about all processes involved in coffee production. For example, what steps can farmers take to ensure excellent crop production and proper maintenance of coffee trees? Information regarding ideal growing locations and factors affecting growth, as well as soil preparation and tree selection, are also addressed throughout the program, imparting best practices and ensuring strong outcomes for business ventures. At the Learning Center, a focus is on the primary stage of coffee growing, as mastering the techniques used during this period is crucial for farming success. We also cover coffee tree grafting, harvesting, sorting, drying and grading as part of the educational offerings. Importantly, the facilities and accompanying resources needed to fulfill the objectives of the Learning Centre are made possible from the Foundation’s initiative to allocate 1 baht for every cup of coffee sold. Furthermore, all the PhuKha coffee growers, namely local people of Nan province, can obtain these resources free of charge.

Research and Development 
The Learning Centre is involved with several research and development projects aimed at creating and improving coffee farming methods. Through our initiatives and innovation, we hope to challenge and inspire others in the coffee industry to establish sustainable and responsible practices with a vision for the future. This project will encourage an essential understanding of the many complex factors involved in successful coffee production and management.

Ideas about Coffee Propagation
The Learning Centre seeks to expand learning opportunities related to coffee propagation, particularly with regards to Arabica Coffee. Young coffee plants are available for purchase by those looking to start a small coffee farm, and the intent is not to derive profit from this endeavor, but rather to help new farmers build their businesses.

Initial coffee propagation details are provided to farmers, specifically regarding where ripe red cherries are being collected and whether beans can either be immediately planted or dried and stored for later use. At this stage, knowing the accurate method of bean storage is essential. Remaining seeds can have a longer life and be used up to one year. The coffee bean germination process methods are also part of the curriculum, along with coverage of the best ways to place seeds in nursery beds and polybags. A priority is placed on understanding the elements and useful pointers which make this stage successful before transplanting seedlings to larger fields.