Phukha coffee is one of the finest coffees in the world. Our excellent pure Arabica coffee are all grown in the Northern part of Thailand. With its rich soil and ideal location, all our coffee trees produce a superb quality of beans. The harvesting process use is only through hand picking, our coffee growers make sure to selectively and carefully collect just the ripest cherry beans to generate a premium type of coffee.

Phukha coffee is not just about a simple art of drinking but as well initiate creativity and exclusivity. We roast our own recipe that represents Thailand’s wealthy culture and tradition. Phukha coffee embodies a unique and one of a kind taste.

And aside from the business aspect, more importantly, Phukha coffee deals with the community’s welfare and prioritizing the coffee growers’ benefits through fair trade. Enhancement of the entire Society is also one of the focuses of Phukha coffee, determined to develop and improve Education, Health and Coffee management system.